E-Scooter Indicator


A retrofittable indicator

More safety

In road traffic

About the invention

Short description

The retrofittable indicator for e-scooters and bicycles makes turning with the vehicle front and rear easily recognisable by day and night. This is ensured by LED lights with amber-coloured running technology, which are also clearly visible in daylight.

In addition, the innovative e-scooter indicator is equipped with a rotation joint so that you can also pass narrow alleys or streets with your e-scooter or two-wheeled vehicle without facing any space problems.


Better visibility

The e-scooter indicator ensures an easily recognisable turning manoeuvre. The LED lights stand out well both during the day and in the dark.

More safety in road traffic

It is dangerous in road traffic to have to point with your hand in one direction when turning and thus leave the steering. Many people are afraid of falling or that other road users will not notice the hand signals.

Own power supply

The retrofittable indicator are powered by batteries and are therefore not dependent on the power supply of the e-scooter/two-wheeled vehicle.

No specification.

The indicator units do not require any special entries in the vehicle documents and can therefore be put into operation directly.

Easy assembly

The installation of the indicators is simple and straightforward. They are easily mounted in the handles of the steering tubes of the two-wheeled vehicle.

Rotational joint

An optional rotation joint can be screwed into the inner thread. This allows the turn signals to be adjusted when driving through narrow streets or alleys.

3D Visualizations


Property right

Utility Model Protection

Type of protection: GER Utility model protection
Reference sign:20 2022 001 246.2
Date of registration: 24.05.2022

Main claim:Retrofittable indicator for two-wheeled vehicles, characterised in that it consists of a housing (1) with integrated LED lights (2), a control element (3) attached thereto, optionally a rotary joint (6) and a steering wheel holder (7).

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